The Cookie Policy provides information on how data is collected while users are browsing the website and how this data is used.

Cookies are lines of text, used as computer markers, sent by a server (in this case, it is the website) to a user’s device (to the internet browser, usually) when the user accesses to a website page; cookies are automatically stored by the user’s browser and sent back to the server that creates the cookies each time the user accesses to the same internet page. In this way, cookies allow and/or facilitate the access to some internet pages to enhance the users browsing (allowing the storage of the visited paged and further specific information, etc.)

Cookies features and purposes

Our site uses the following cookies categories:

Necessary Cookies” (Technical Cookies): They are required to allow you to browse and to use the website functionalities. They enable base functions that are strictly needed to fully use the site, the pages browsing and to access to website protected areas.

Session Cookies are cookies that are enabled for only the active session, and they allow to store needed browsing information from one page to another at the same time, avoiding entering this information again.

How to enable or to disable cookies on your browsers manually

The cookies’ acceptance on the website or some browser categories can be blocked using our cookie’s banner or manually. This operation could cause inefficiency, block the access to some functions or to some pages on the site. Following we list some different options to block the cookies’ acceptance manually and offered by the main browsers:

In the event these cookies are disabled, the browsing could be less efficient or totally compromised.

To use the Necessary cookies (“Technical”) the user’s consent is not required.