Specialized figures

BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator, BIM Specialist, CDE Manager

The BIM methodology is based on precise rules and standards that, although recent, have already reached a high level of complexity

To set and manage a BIM project requires specific competences that are still hard to find. To handle a BIM order or to take part in a BIM “bando” aren’t easy activities in which you can improvise: they need competence, but above all experience.

To prepare the specifications for a BIM project, or just to know how to read what has already been prepared by who has developed the project are some of the most important phases on which needs to be spent the right time. At international level, there are four professional figures that revolve around the BIM methodology: BIM Specialist, BIM Coordinator,BIM Manager and CDE Manager.


BIM Specialist:

knows the software, is able to develop a BIM project, is the modeler, the one that turns ideas into BIM.

BIM Coordinator:

 has the role to coordinate and manage the team resources, reports to the BIM Manager and is often in close relation with the Project Manager. Supports the BIM Manager during the preparation of the business processes.


BIM Manager:

combines the competences of a Project Manager with the knowledge of the BIM solutions, standards and processes. Has the responsibility of the project both inside the facility and towards suppliers and committee.


CDE Manager:

arrange, take shape and administrate the common data environment (CDE) for all the work team. He help to define, but most off all enforce the rules of the CDE to manage the processes.