BIM, Facility Management, Operation & Maintenance

The management and maintenance phase of the buildings, be they hospitals, hotels, schools, is the most expensive one of the life-cycle of the building. Reliable sources estimate that the cost of the management of the buildings can reach the 70% of the total cost.

Optimizing the process could bring the most advantages in economic terms.

Thanks to the information inside the BIM model and to the possibility to have access at any time to that information and evaluate more than one solution, the BIM methodology is revolutionizing this phase as well.

Unlike the systems previously used, based on alphanumeric data base, rarely linked to floor plans, the BIM methodology provides a 3D environment of information that are uniform and coordinated, replicating the real model in every part and function.

Every element is located in the correct space and position, and above all brings all its information, geometric and technical. Both ordinary management operations and activities of analysis and programming of extraordinary management are simplified if studied and simulated in a BIM system.

The direct extraction of information related to the feasibility of the actions, times of execution and their costs are the reasons why many managers of real estates are implementing the BIM for buildings-built years ago.